Digital decoration for ceramic slabs - DEEP DIGITAL

Deep digital is the innovative SACMI technology for digital processing of perfect ceramic slabs, either on the surface or in the body.

The digital reality in the world of ceramics

  • Formats

    from 400x400 to 1600x3200mm

  • Thickness

    from 3 to 30 mm

  • Digital decoration

    Dry, with ceramic powders - Wet with ceramic enamels and inks

  • Applications

    On conventional moulding and Continua+ lines

  • Deep Digital is a productive concept with a view to SMART FACTORY 4.0.
  • Easily configurable in the conventional process with PH press as well as in the CONTINUA+ slab production process.
  • It coordinates all SACMI digital systems that take part in the product’s final appearance, such as DGD - DDD - DHD - DDG and CAM systems.
  • Flexibility of solutions designed for simple or extremely complex productive systems.
  • Deep Digital makes it easy, intuitive and repeatable to implement complex digital graphic designs.


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