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We operate globally in the liquid product packaging industry, developing technological solutions for complete plants and related services.

Leveraging our competences and R&D investments in the field of plastic material technologies, packaging and decoration, we are leaders in designing and manufacturing packaging that is safe for the product, unique for the consumer and sustainable for the environment. We foster intellectual curiosity and we encourage competence development, as we are aware that every single person who cooperates with us contributes with pride and passion as “ONE TEAM” to our success.

Precision and creativity

We combine design accuracy and passion for quality with Italian creativity, to provide our Customers with solutions customised to their needs and sustainable throughout product lifecycle.

Today SACMI is the only supplier in the world able to offer integrated CAP + PREFORM + BOTTLE solutions, developed ad hoc for the needs of the customer and the specific application. The Beverage R&D laboratory is equipped to develop products and samples within a short time frame, using pilot moulds and dedicated production machines. It also performs all the related mechanical resistance, thermal stability and sealing performance tests, which are guaranteed and certified according to internationally recognised standards and protocols.

Precision and creativity

Defranceschi, a splash of colour in wine technology

For over 50 years, Defranceschi has been a leader of the great Italian wine-making tradition. Technique and precision, identity and innovation, passion and knowledge are combined at Defranceschi with a single objective: to enhance the work accomplished by many hands for every bottle, with solutions at the forefront of technology, form and design.

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Defranceschi, a splash of colour in wine technology

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