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That’s why we strive to lower consumption across all production processes, every day.


Learn why SACMI is your perfect partner for technological innovation and the development of new ceramic products

Discover IPS300, the new Injection Preform System solution

SACMI, leading the way, worldwide

With its international Global Network SACMI is close to the customer with a timely service in all phases of the project.

International leader in industrial plant engineering

High productivity, quality, design and technological innovation are the peculiarities that SACMI offers its customers, supporting them in every phase of the supply, from design consultancy to after-sales service.

People first of all

In addition to enhancing the skills of its collaborators, SACMI pursues the innovation of organisational models, to make them consistent with the modern approach to production and the market.

Customers' S.P.A.C.E.

SACMI Portal for Aftersales and Customer service Excellence. A single access point for all SACMI online support services.

Excellence in technology and service

SACMI is an international group, world leader in the supply of advanced technologies for the Ceramics, Plastics, Food & Beverage, Metals, Packaging and Advanced Materials sectors, thanks to the application of innovative technologies, its strong positioning on the world markets, and its continuous search for high quality standards and customer service.

€ 1.101

Millions of revenues in 2020


Patent applications filed by the Group up to 31-12-2020


employees worldwide to 31-12-2020



4.0 innovation for industry

The implementation of advanced sensors on machines and the use of high-capacity communication protocols for data transfer have allowed, in recent years, to further extend the SACMI services of integrated diagnostics and remote service in an Industry 4.0 perspective, with the aim of offering customers around the world new opportunities to enhance the process, the product and the service.

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4.0 innovation for industry

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

For SACMI, being socially responsible means seeking the best solutions while respecting the dignity of work, protection of the environment and social ethics, key factors in daily business activities. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility which at SACMI, from this point of view, become synonymous with the creation of value, which is actual value as it is shared with the territory and the community of reference.

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

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